Your personal interpreter, psychologist  and driver with a car in Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson









     Hi! My name is Vitality I'm 37 years old and I live in Odessa.

For more than 20 years I had been living in Nikolaev , and I had many friends there who were involved in "marriage business".

Nowadays I think almost everybody knows that the vast majority of the profiles on these websites are leading by scammers. But 10 years ago when I found it out it was a horrible revelation for me.

Those times I simply wanted to study English with  native speakers and a friend of mine who was working in one marriage agency provided me with an opportunity to drive foreigners from Odessa's airport to Nikolaev.

So during those trips I discovered that men who are coming to Ukraine  to find a good girl for a living, need someone who can help them and be their friend while they are here.

Unfortunately due to some life circumstances I stopped driving foreigners many years ago.

Thank God I have always had a good job and now I also have one.

But deeply inside after my experience with the foreigners who were really grateful for my help I always felt that this is something that I meant to do.

David Brook's in his famous book "The road to character " put a question " “At what points do my talents and deep gladness meet the world’s deep need?”

I have been thinking a lot about it and now I think I know the answer.

So after that long story, how can I be useful for you guys?

First of all I can be your friend here, a friend who speaks English, who can listen to your problems and who can give you a piece of advice in many different situations. I can be your guide in Odessa , Nikolaev and Kherson. I can be your personal driver and your interpreter. I also have deep knowledge in psychology so I can help you if you have some psychological issues and as far as I know it is not very easy to find an English speaking psychologist in Odessa (if they exist here at all). Also I do know a lot about the marriage business in Ukraine and I can share this knowledge with you absolutely for free , but (because of certain reasons)  only in private conversation .

So if you're going to visit Odessa or Nikolaev in Ukraine, if you are already here and you need some help, I'm just one phone call away from you and I will be sincerely happy to help you.

You can contact me in Viber and WhatsApp.

I hope to see you and be useful for you!


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I'm Vitaliy